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Consulting and Professional Services

We provide tailor-made solutions fitted to the requirements of the customer’s IT environment.

An experienced, stable and integrated team of experts in the field of information and database technologies guarantees the highest quality of our services.

The exemplary scope of our projects:

  • diagnosing the state of the client’s IT environment (RSP_healthcheck)
  • design and implementation of IT infrastructure (in the area of server platform, mass storage, network solutions, cloud technologies)
  • database performance tuning
  • migration of the customer’s applications to new infrastructure
  • migration of the customer’s application to a new version of the infrastructure software (database, operating system)
  • implementation of high availability solutions, including clusters and back-up environments
  • implementation of Oracle GoldenGate projects
  • implementation of backup and archiving solutions
  • migration of resources and applications to and from the cloud, as well as between clouds of different manufacturers
  • optimization of client’s license resources

Maintenance of database environments

Red Stack Poland offers the service of assuming responsibility for the maintenance of part or the entire customer’s database environment. We have a very advanced practice regarding Oracle technology, but we also offer maintenance of Postgres, DB2, SQL Server databases as well as MongoDB environments. We provide the service mainly remotely, in the 24 x 7 x 365 model. At the customer’s request it is possible to provide the service on-site (for example during key migration, etc.).

The cost of the service is very competitive compared to a model based on own resources or body leasing solutions. Thanks to our help the IT department will not be overburdened with ongoing tasks and will be able to focus on forward-looking development projects.

The service includes:

  • ongoing, proactive administrative activities
  • environment development (upgrades, migrations, backup tests, etc.)
  • Reactive troubleshooting of defects, failures and handling critical situations
  • Periodic RSP_healthcheck reporting
Flexibility of solutions

The scope of services is each time fully adapted to the requirements of the customer. We guarantee compliance with SLA requirements.

High security

We are able to guarantee compliance with all security requirements, both technical (session registration, VPN tunnels, etc.) and formal (service provided from Poland/the European Union, contractual obligations).

Expert consultants

We solve problems related to the acquisition, maintenance and development of IT specialists. All our employees are competent, trusted and committed people, cooperating with Red Stack Poland on a long-term basis.

Oracle Engineered Systems solutions

Red Stack Poland is one of the leading Oracle partners in Oracle Engineered Systems-based solutions.

We have obtained a unique Oracle certificate which authorizes us to independently install and configure Exadata class machines. We can proudly say that we have experience in both implementation and maintenance of the Engineered Systems family products gained from cooperation with customers in Poland and Europe.


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